About the Photographer - Jordan Adam Imaging

Jordan Adam Imaging had its humble beginnings back  in the summer of 2007 when Jordan  A. Schneider graduated from the prestigious  Hallmark Institute of Photography, and from then on  he was known simply as . . .  "Hey, You With the Camera!"

Since then, 'Hey, You With the Camera' has been making his way in the world with his camera close in hand. This will sometimes drive friends, family and especially his fiancé (pictured above) crazy.

Jordan will tell you that he is a “generalist photographer.” Meaning he won't tell you no when calling in need of his photographic services. It also helps keep him fresh and creative because he can apply to “X” what he learned when taking a picture of “Y.”

“I promised myself when I was in school that I would never take a family portrait and boy am I glad that I broke that promise. It is truly one of my favorite things to do.”

Services Provided by Jordan Adam Imaging:

Portraits: Whether it’s the entire family, a newborn or a corporate headshot, Jordan Adam Imaging is the place to call.

Products: Do you own a store and have lots of items for sale? Jordan Adam Imaging is one of the best product, still life and e-commerce photograpghers out there. He shoots lots and lots of shoes, jewelry, clothing & accessories, chotchkies, and of course knick knacks

Architecture & Real Estate: Selling your home? Need Real Estate photos, Panoramics or virtual tours. He does that too.

Jordan calls Long Beach, NY home and is also where he works out of as well.  He does travel frequently to meet with clients.